War - Card War

Discover the inner workings of Card War, revealing its intriguing secrets.


“War - Card War" is a classic card game dedicated to entertainment. This version of card war brings you behind the scenes of the game, thanks to its new features.



• Classic

• Marshal (as Napoleon said, “Every private may carry a marshal's baton in his knapsack.” )



• Manage the condition of winning (All Cards, 5 Wins, 10,...)

• View your own or opponent's cards

• Adjust the number of cards placed on the table in the event of a tie/war (1, 2,...)

• Track the flow of cards (marking their origin)

• Play the same game with new features

• Manual/Computer/King control

• Power status indication

• Option to reveal all playing cards at the end of the game

• Normal/Fast speed


The cards are divided between two players. Each player reveals the top card from their deck, and the player with the higher card wins the "battle," taking both cards played and moving them to their deck.


In the event that the two cards played have equal value, a "war" occurs. Depending on the settings, 1 to 15 cards are placed on the table, and once again, the player with the higher card wins the "battle" and takes all the cards involved.