War - Card War - Halloween

War - Card War - Halloween is a classic card game dedicated for entertainment. This version of the card war brings you behind the scene of the game thanks to new features.



• to manage the condition of winner (All Cards, 5 Wins, 10,...)

• to see your or opponent's cards

• to change how many of cards will be placed on the desk if there is tie/war (1, 2,...)

• to play the same game with new features

• manual/computer/skeleton control

• the status of power

• possibility to reveal all playing cards on the end of the game

• normal/speed mode


The cards are divided between two players. Each player reveals the top card of their stack and the player with the higher card wins the “battle” and takes both of the cards played and moves them to their stack. 


If the two cards played are of equal value, then a “war" occurs. According to settings 1 - 15 cards are placed on the desk and again the higher card wins the “battle” and take all cards.