RPS - Rock Paper Scissors


Try to beat my algorithm! Test your strategy against my two-layer algorithm.


This game is based on the familiar finger guessing game “Rock - Paper - Scissors” (RPS).



Play three rounds to see what I think you will throw.


The rules:

• Rock beats Scissors

• Paper beats Rock

• Scissors beats Paper


Other names for the game:

• Roshambo

• Ick-ack-ock

• Piedra, papel o tijera

• Pierre-feuille-ciseaux

• Schere, Stein, Papier

• Morra cinese (carta-forbice-sasso)

• Pedra, papel e tesoura

• Камень, ножницы, бумага

• Taş-kağıt-makas

• Jan-ken-pon (Janken)

• Fargling

• Cachi-pún

• Burung-batu-air (“bird-stone-water”)

• Kauwi-bauwi-bo

• Kamen, papier, noznice