Ludo Challenge



"Ludo Challenge" is a game based on a well known Ludo board game with a lot of new features.



• Classic

• Ghost (Can you see me?)

• Zombie (Don't let me bite you!)

• Supertoken (Don't try to kick me out!)

• King (Reward is waiting for you!)



• Dice rotation control

• Joker

• Gift Items (light version of Ludo - Apples And Bananas )

• to play with 1-4 tokens

• to play against human or computer (AI)

• to use rolling dice (classic version)

• to use “guessing” by six rolling dices

• to use pattern (appropriate for playing against AI)


Capture status:

• Capture

• Capture & Change (Classic/Ghost/King captured by Zombie)

• Capture & Reward (King captured by Classic/Ghost/Supertoken/King)

• Capture & Revenge (Supertoken captured by Classic/Ghost/Zombie/King)

• Capture & Change & Reward (King captured by Zombie)


My favourite play mode:

• 2 tokens (Zombie & Supertoken)

• Joker


Each players start the game with four tokens. The player whose all four tokens reach home first wins the game.


Other names for Ludo:



Don't get angry


Fia med knife

Covece ne ljuti se

Clovece nehnevaj sa

Clovece nezlob se

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